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I agree to activate my membership with Greater Mankato Growth, Inc. at the above Level, which is an annual membership, automatically renewing on January 1 each year. The length of the first membership term is from today's date to December 31 of this year. Should I wish to discontinue my membership, I need to notify Greater Mankato Growth in writing at least 30 days prior to the January 1 automatic renewal date (December 1 or earlier). I understand that I can upgrade my membership level at any time throughout the year, and can move down a level once per year, if necessary. The above initial payment of $0.00 is required to initiate the process for membership approval.
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Per the IRS, membership investments are deductible for most members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Contributions of gifts to Greater Mankato Growth, Inc.(GMG) are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. GMG is a nonprofit, NonGovernmental Organization (NGO), classified as a 501(c)(6), as such a portion of your membership dues (6% IN 2019) is not deductible as a result of lobbying activities Greater Mankato Growth participates in.
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